COMPOUND KINGS - Fluffy Cloudz Slime Jar | Pineapple Scent

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Type: Slime Kit

COMPOUND KINGS Fluffy Cloudz™ Slime, Fluffy Slime, Pineapple Scented Slime, DIY Slime Kit For Kids Non-Stick Slime, Non-Toxic & Non-Drying, Fluffy Slime For Girls and Boys Age 4+


Product Description:

COMPOUND KINGS Fluffy Cloudz jar is an ideal slime for boys and girls aged 4+. Our soft, colorful slime is stretchy, non-drying, non-sticky, and helps boost your child’s imagination by encouraging manual play over screen time.

The Fluffy Cloudz Pineapple slime jar lets children poke, drizzle, stretch, pull and squish the putty as they wish. This therapeutic slime is non-sticky and easy to clean. Also comes with a surprise charm!



Pineapple Fluffy Cloudz Slime

Surprise Charm