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    About Us

    WeCool Toys is a Global Designer and Manufacturer of Dynamic Toys, Crafts, Compounds and more. We own, operate and manage all vertical and horizontal production, package, export and distribution processes.


    Our Story

    In 2015, Jeff Osnato was a Buyer for Toys “R” Us in its Arts & Crafts category (after 25+ years creating toy products and managing toy brand franchises at Tyco Toys and Mattel). As he surveyed the industry as a Buyer, Jeff saw that there was a complete lack of innovation in a long-established toy category: Slime!

    Jeff took the opportunity to partner up with co-founder Ross Alber (a 20+ year experienced toy industry sales rep who had connections with a compound factory in China) to start mixing up new slime creations in Jeff’s attic in September of 2016.

    WeCool Toys is committed to driving innovation with new products that delight, fascinate and amaze the senses. Since our establishment, we have grown from two co-founders to a team of fifty on two continents and have launched thousands of products into 35 countries in the global marketplace. At Wecool Toys Inc., we have a vision to redefine the toys and crafts industry with creative, and innovative new products.