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  • PUZZLE KINGS - 500 pc Kitten & Flower Puzzle | Animal Puzzle | PUZZLE KINGS

    $2.49 USD
    Type: Puzzle

    This 500 pc classic jigsaw puzzle is perfect for schools, playrooms, and family nights. This set comes with a vivid and colorful image of kittens and a flower box which are printed on recycled heavy stock paper with high-quality print and a glossy finish. Inks won’t fade or smudge over time and keep their color for years of puzzling fun. Classic jigsaw shapes and edges lay flat and interlock with a firm, locking fit and click. Each of our puzzles comes with a glossy box and top which stands up to years of wear and tear. Each box features a high-quality reference photo to help you arrange and assemble the puzzle piece and form the perfect border. The product measures 13 x 19 inches when assembled. Put the finished product in a frame and hang in your home, office, or nursery!



    1 500 pc Puzzle