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  • COMPOUND KINGS Fluffy Cloudz Grape Scent Slime Toy with Charm Prize

    $7.99 USD
    Type: Slime Kit

    p>Fluffy Cloudz- Soft Butter Slime & Charm for Kids 4+

    COMPOUND KINGS brings you a premade compound that puts all your kidÕs senses to work, rewards them with a charm and entices them to become highly-creative as they safely make unique, never-ending shapes.

    Why Do Girls & Boys Love Our Soft Butter Putty?

    ✅ They are non-runny, non-gooey but soft, cloud-like & stretchy

    ✅ The awaken both tactile and smelling senses

    ✅ They are safe and non-toxic

    ✅ They have a calming & therapeutic effect

    ✅ They stimulate, entice and enhance creativity as well as imagination

    ✅ Leave little residue behind that is easy to clean

    Discover our 5 Fruity Scents: Berrycake, Melon Mania, Pineyparty, Peach Paradise, Grape Squeeze, and Cococraze.

    Collectible Charms Included

    Each unique scented slime jar is hiding a surprise charm for your kids to discover. They can collect the charms and use them as decorative trinkets for their slime creations!

    Soft & Fluffy

    Unlike most slimes that feel runny and gooey, ours has a cloud-like, fluffy softness that is unique and exciting. Our slime wonÕt tear and can provide endless hours of stimulating, squishy fun.

    Safe & Non-Toxic

    We take the utmost care to make playtime safe for you and your family. Our slime is non-toxic, with no hazardous or harsh chemicals, mess-free and easy to clean up!


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