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  • ACTIVITY KINGS ILY- DIY Tie-Dye Scruncheeze Loom Pack

    $2.49 USD Regular price $9.99

    • Become a Fashion Designer】: Try your hand at becoming a fashion designer with this DIY tie dye scrunchie kit!
    • 【All Inclusive Tie Dye DIY Kit】: Everything is included in this kit to make your own tie dye scrunchies!
    • 【Non Toxic & Acid Free Bottles 】: Tie Dye Kit features highly concentrated dyes that only require regular tap water to activate the vibrant colors.
    • 【Beginner-Friendly, Just Add Water】: Our colorful tie dye kit features a step by step instruction, just add water to activate, which is easy to DIY tie dye to create vibrant design for shirts and fabrics.
    • Packaged in an eco friendly white box for easy open packaging, and recyclability