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  • Nichole Jacklyne Watermelon Water Slime

    $12.99 USD

    Nichole Jacklyne's New Water Slime! This newly trending goopy slippery like water water slime! It's truly fascinating! It sloshes around just like water does, but it doesn't make a wet mess! It Smells so amazing, and it truly is like magic you must feel it to believe it! From the transparent colors, scents, and touch this water slime is already going viral! Great for ages 6 and up!

    The Containers are reusable, you can pour your water slime directly back into it and it will not dry up! Hours of sensory relieving play, great realistic feelings of water and countless options of add-ins you can add into your water slime if you choose. (Mix-ins and Add-ins not sold together).

    • 1x Water Slime Watermelon Scented
    • 1x Watermelon Shaped Container that the water slime comes in