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  • Nichole Jacklyne Fluffy Cloudz Tub

    $29.99 USD
    Type: Slime Kit

    This set comes with 5 resealable jars to store and keep your compound creations from drying out! Great for playing with afterschool, on the weekends, with friends and siblings!

    This Nichole Jacklyne inspired and collaboration slime set has a mix of our Nichole Jacklyne Crystal Clearz Tub with our clearz compound slime, and 4 packets of different colored fluffy compounds. You can Mix and Mash these any way you wish! Creativity is endless with this set. There are so many color options you can make when you swirl and mix each together!

    • 1x Purple Fluffy Compound

    • 1x Pink Fluffy Compound

    • 1x Red Fluffy Compound

    • 1x Blue Fluffy Compound

    • Pink Fish Eye Shaped Beads

    • Blue Fish Eye Shaped Beads

    • Yellow Fish Eye Shaped Beads

    • Clear Fish Eye Shaped Beads

    • 1 Tub Bucket of Clearz

    • (5) Resealable Containers

    • Fruit Shaped Fimo Slice Mix-Ins

    • Sprinkle Mix-Ins

    • 3 Fruit Charms

    • 1x Gold Glitter Mix-In

    • 1x Pink Glitter Mix-In

    • 1x Purple Glitter Mix-In

    • 1x Green Glitter Mix-In

    • 1x Blue Glitter Mix-In

    • 1x Teal Glitter Mix-In

    • 1x Irridencent Glitter Mix-In

    • 1x Purple/Teal Glitter Mix-In

    • 1x Snow Powder Mix-In