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  • COMPOUND KINGS - Lil' Shuckies Slime Shell | 4 Pack Bundle

    $14.99 USD
    Type: Slime Kit

    COMPOUND KINGS Lil’ Shuckies Pearl Party Slime Kit 3 Pack For Kids Non-Toxic, Soft DIY Slime Toys For Boosting Creativity & Stress Relief, Scented Slime Mix Match Toys For Tactile Play, Stretchy & Non-Sticky


    Product Description:

    COMPOUND KINGS Lil’ Shuckies 3 Pack Assortment slime for kids is carefully made with high-quality compound to provide the ultimate fun experience. Our pearl party starter kit comes with 24 collectible pearls and a surprise charm.

    Our stress relief slime is ideal for multiple sensory stimulation. COMPOUND KINGS DIY slime kit will open up your kid’s imagination and creativity as they create their own amazing shapes & bead colorful pearls.



    3 x Colorful Seashell Slime Kit

    3 Shucking Tools

    Foam Beads

    Collectible Pearls