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  • Compound Kings Milk & Cookies Swirl Butter Slime Tub

    $16.99 USD

    Super Fun Milk & Cookies Scented Buttery Fluffy Slime Compound!

    When it comes to stretchy, soft, non-sticky DIY slime toys that will reduce child screen time and boost your little ones imagination, Compound Kings Butter Slime is everything you need.

    WeCool Toys Slime is a great stress buster for anxious children. This awesomely scented milk and cookies Butter Cloudz tub comes with 3 colors inside!

    Our super fun slime kit is ideal for relaxation & multiple sensory stimulation. Moldable soft compound to create endless shapes.

    Our stretchy slime toys let your kids:

    • Poke
    • Stretch
    • Pull
    • Mold the Butter Cloudz as they wish....you can even let it air dry to keep your designs!

    The therapy slime is non-sticky and easy to clean. Compound Kings is the award winning brand, trusted by many as the best-selling compound that kids love. Squishy fun without the mess.