COMPOUND KINGS - Lil' Shuckies Slime Shell- Purple Clam

$2.99 USD
Type: Slime Kit

Lil’ Shuckies Pearl Party by COMPOUND KINGS (For Ages 4+) COMPOUND KINGS stays on top of the latest trends and introduce their Lil’ Shuckies- a creative toy line that combines the magic of surprise discovery, the endless fun of stretchy slime, and imagination-engaging tactile play! Why do Kids Go Crazy Over Our Lil’ Shuckies?

✅ They offer a new experience of unboxing & discovering

✅ They have stretchy slime inside

✅ They engage their imagination, their creativity and tactile sense

✅ They offer endless fun even after the first opening

✅ They can be turned into dazzling jewelry creations

✅ They are colorful and offer 24 collectible pearls to be found Our box includes 1x Colorful Seashell toy, 1x Shucking Tool, Foam Beads, 1x Surprise Pearl, 1x Slime.


👸 Engaging In So Many Ways! From shucking the seashell with the shucking tool, to playing with the super stretchy slime, to discovering the pearl and making stunning DIY jewelry with the foam beads, our Lil’ Shuckies over-deliver in the fun department!

👸 Mix & Match Slimes or Pearls With multiple Lil’ Shuckies your child can mix different slimes for endless creations while accumulating all the 24 collectible pearls, this will become a quest that rewards your child with stunning jewelry!

👸 Safe & Non-Toxic Our slime is non-toxic, non-runny, non-gooey with no hazardous or harsh chemicals, it’s mess-free and easy to clean up!

Our Slime Line Includes:

✅ The Lil’ Shuckies- Toy Seashells with Pearls, Toy Shucking Tool, Foam Beads & Slime