Lil’ Shuckies Large Shell Slime Kit


COMPOUND KINGS Lil’ Shuckies Large Shell Slime Kit For Kids Non-Toxic, Soft DIY Slime Toys For Boosting Creativity & Stress Relief, Scented Slime Mix Match Toys For Tactile Play, Stretchy & Non-Sticky


Product Description:

Compound Kings Lil’ Shuckies Large Shell slime for kids is carefully made with high-quality compounds to provide the ultimate fun experience. Our pearl party starter kit comes with 1 Shell Case, 2 Shells, 2 Mini Shells, 1 Tool, 1 String, 3 Bags, Compound, Magic Sand, 60 Baby Pearls & 2 Surprise Pearls.

Our non-toxic soft slime toys let your kids poke, stretch, pull, and mold the putty as they want. The therapy slime is non-sticky and easy to clean, perfect for kids aged 4+.



1 Shell Case

2 Shells

2 Mini Shells

1 Tool

1 String

3 Bags


Magic Sand

60 Baby Pearls

2 Surprise Pearls