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  • COMPOUND KINGS Jelly Cubes Yo Cup 4 Pack Bundle clearz Slime

    $17.99 USD

    4 containers filled with super bright fun colors!

    These are each filled with the classic Clearz compound base that kids know and love! The Clearz compound is premade and oddly satisfying to poke, squish, squeeze, and is never sticky! For a fun ASMR feel, this item (in all 4 containers) comes with glitter and funny squishy jelly cubes scented with a delightful flavor. Kids can mix, mash, and repeat play over and over for hours of squishy fun! The only limit is their imagination! Makes for the perfect gift!


    ✅When it comes to stretchy, non-drying, soft, non - sticky slime toys that will reduce child screen time and boost your little ones' imagination!

    ✅Our 4 color slime is meticulously made with an extraordinary smooth compound to provide the most satisfying fun. Each yo cup of slime has a beautiful scent Blueberry, Grape, Orange, and Bubble Gum!

    ✅Our stretchy slime lets children poke, stretch, pull and squish the putty as they wish. This therapeutic slime is non-sticky and easy to clean.

    ✅COMPOUND KINGS Slime is ideal slime set for boys and girls aged 4+. Our soft, colorful slime is stretchy, non-drying, non-sticky, and helps boost your child’s imagination by encouraging manual play over screen time!

    ✅Package: 4 pack of 5.54 Oz Jelly Compound in different scents