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  • COMPOUND KINGS - 4 pack Jelly Cubes Slime Yo Cup Bundle - Pink, Orange, Blue, Purple Bundle Set

    $17.99 USD
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    ✅When it comes to stretchy, non-drying, soft, non - sticky slime toys that will reduce child screen time and boost your little ones' imagination!

    ✅Our 4 color slime is meticulously made with an extraordinary smooth compound to provide the most satisfying fun. Each yo cup of slime has a beautiful scent Blueberry, Grape, Orange, and Bubble Gum!

    ✅Our stretchy slime lets children poke, stretch, pull and squish the putty as they wish. This therapeutic slime is non-sticky and easy to clean.

    ✅COMPOUND KINGS Slime is ideal slime set for boys and girls aged 4+. Our soft, colorful slime is stretchy, non-drying, non-sticky, and helps boost your child’s imagination by encouraging manual play over screen time!

    ✅Package: 4 pack of 5.54 Oz Jelly Compound in different scents