3D Goosh Yo Slime Bucket


COMPOUND KINGS 3D Goosh Yo Slime Bucket, Glitzi Dotz Slime, Pom Pom Mixins, 3D Glasses, DIY Slime Kit for Kids Non-Sticky Slime, Non-Toxic & Non-Drying Sensory Slime.


Product Description:

When it comes to stretchy, non-drying, soft, non - sticky DIY slime toys that will reduce child screen time and boost your little ones' imagination, Compound Kings 3D Goosh Yo Bucket Slime is everything you need.

WeCool Toys Slime is a great stress buster for anxious children. Our super fun slime kit is ideal for relaxation & multiple sensory stimulation. Moldable soft compound to create endless shapes.

Our stretchy slime toys let your kids poke, stretch, pull, and mold the putty as they want. The therapy slime is non - sticky and easy to clean.


1x 3D Goosh Yo Bucket

1 Pair 3D Glasses

Pom-Pom Mixins