OMG 3 Pack Surprise Slime Kit


COMPOUND KINGS OMG 3 Pack Surprise Slime Kit For Kids Non-Toxic, Soft DIY Slime Toys For Boosting Creativity & Stress Relief, Scented Slime Mix Match Toys For Tactile Play, Stretchy & Non-Sticky


Product Description:

Compound Kings OMG 3 Pack Surprise Slime is meticulously made with an extraordinary compound to provide the most fun during play. Kids love mixing the colorful surprises together with the stretchy slime. Each 3-piece set includes 3 different colored slimes, a surprise bracelet, and surprise jewelry and charm!

Compound Kings Slime is a great stress reducer for anxious children. Our moldable, soft compound formula is not only super fun, but also ideal for relaxation & multiple sensory stimulation




Surprise Charm