Ice Cream 5 Pack

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COMPOUND KINGS 5 Pack Ice Cream Scented Fluff Slime, DIY Slime Kit For Kids Non Stick Slime, Non Toxic & Non Drying Sensory Slime Perfect For Multiple Sensory Stimulation, Stress Relief & Relaxation.

Product Description:

If you are looking for stretchy, non-drying, soft, non-sticky premade slime toys that will reduce child screen time and boost your child’s imagination, then…

☛ Compound Kings 5 Pack of Ice Cream Scented therapy slime has got you covered!

Compound Kings Slime is a great stress reducer for anxious children. Our moldable, soft compound formula is not only super fun, but also ideal for relaxation & multiple sensory stimulation.

Our non-toxic soft slime toys let your kids poke, stretch, pull and mold the putty as they want. The therapy slime is non-sticky, easy to clean, and perfect for kids aged 4+.

Items Included:

3pcs Fluffy Cloudz in Pink, White & Yellow each 2.64oz (75gm)

2pcs Butter in Chocolate Color & Teal each 1.23oz (35gm)

White Foam Beads 0.0053oz (0.15gm)

Chocolate Color Chips 0.12oz (3.5gm)

Why Choose Us:

SUPERIOR QUALITY – Compound Kings non-toxic slime for children is reusable, eco-friendly, and made from premium ingredients.

ODDLY SATISFYING HOURS OF SQUISHY FUN - Our fun premade slime provides children with endless hours of entertainment and enjoyment.

AWESOME SCENTS – Our slime kits feature long lasting scents that enhance sensory experience and prolong hours of fun.   

SAFE & NON-TOXIC - Our slime is lab tested, 100% safe, and uses a non-toxic formula with no harsh chemicals.


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