DIY Glitter Light Box

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ACTIVITY KINGS Super DIY Glitter Light Box For Kids Aged 8+,Trendy Icons, Markers, 130+ Designs to Illuminate
Your Style.

Product Description:

Create your very own designs, make unique 130 + designs. Customize your light box with trendy icons, markers & more

Items Included:

1x Premium Glitter Light box

2x Dry-Erase Markers

Sticker Decals

25x Sparkling Gemstones

80x Acetate Letters, Numbers & Icons

Easy-to-follow Instruction Sheet

Why Choose Us:

SUPER FUN, EASY TO USE – Activity Kings Glitter Light Box is ideal for personalized creative expression. Each kit includes easy-to-follow instructions for kids aged 6+

ENDLESS POSSIBILITIES – Activity Kings Glitter Light Box is designed to spark creativity and imaginative play while offering hours of artistic expression. The reusable icon and letter stickers are great for solo play or with friends for increased socialization skills.

GREAT GIFT – Activity Kings Glitter Light Box is the perfect Birthday gift,Graduation gift, Easter gift, or Holiday gift. Ideal any time of the year for any child aged 6+


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