COMPOUND KINGS - Pink Fluffy Slime Bucket


Compound Kings Fluffy Slime Bucket, Non-Sticky & Safe Fluffy Slime For Stress Relieving and Boosting Your Brain, Comes in Purple and Pink, Fluffy Slime For Girls and Boys Age 4+


Product Description:

Compound Kings Fluffy Slime Bucket uses high-quality durable ingredients to deliver a satisfying fun slime product. This offering includes 2 vibrant colors, purple and pink.

Our sensory slime helps unveil your children's creativity and imagination, allowing them to create different designs & mixtures. Compound Kings slime helps develop fine motor skills; as well as enhance eye-hand coordination.

Compound Kings slime kit is tested to the highest safety standards and it is ASTM Certified. Our DIY slime uses premium grade ingredients that are anti-allergenic and non-toxic.



Fluffy Slime Bucket in Purple and Pink