ACTIVITY KINGS ILY - DIY Glitter Light Message Board Set

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ACTIVITY KINGS LED Light-Up Message Board, Super DIY Glitter Light Box For Kids Aged 8+, Trendy Icons, Markers, 130+ Designs to Illuminate Your Style


Product Description:

Activity Kings LED Light-Up Message Board comes with everything you need to customize your very own lightbox! Each kit includes 1 Premium Glitter Lightbox, 2 Dry-Erase Markers, Sticker Decals, 25 Sparkling Gemstones, and 80 Acetate Letters, Numbers & Icons! Easy-to-follow instructions are also included.

Customize your own lightbox by creating more than 130 unique designs using the included icons, gems, stickers, markers, and more! 

Hang it up or display it on your favorite shelf!



1 x Premium Glitter Lightbox

2 x Dry-Erase Markers

Sticker Decals

25 x Sparkling Gemstones

80 x Acetate Letters, Numbers & Icons

Easy-to-follow Instruction Sheet